Enter the Physical Web

Welcome to ProfHacks hosted by the IEEE chapter of Rowan University.

Our Inaugural hackathon's theme is Physical Web with distinct categories being Quantified Self, Sensor Journalism, and Smart Buildings. Each of these 3 categories are at the beginning or their life cycle and have a lot of future potential. Participants have the opportunity to make a change by developing with a purpose.

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Sensor Journalism

Data is all around us, from the air we breathe to roads we use to get to work. By collecting this data using a network of sensors, you are able to measure and predict patterns about our environment. How will you use data to tell a story?

Various projects involving sensor journalism include monitoring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and toxins in water. A technical presentation and workshop will be held to educate hackers on the D3.js toolkit and the amazing benefits it can offer in making your data easy to read and incredible to show off!

Mentors will be on-hand to help with your sensor journalism hack and assist you with your hardware and software questions.

The Quantified Self

Our bodies produce billions of points of data every single day. Wearable technology allows us to access more data about our vitals than ever before. How does tracking our steps, location and heart rate enable us to have greater insights about our health?

Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things is the biggest revolution in tech in the past ten years. Thermostats, smoke alarms, light bulbs and even washing machines can now talk to our phones and to each other. How does this greater connectivity allow our home to work for our benefit?

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All High school and College students

How to enter

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Hristo Asenov
University of Delaware

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    How difficult was it to complete the project? How complex is it?
  • Creativity
    We are looking for interesting, new, original, innovative and/or cool uses of the physical web Is the idea novel? Does it leverage existing technologies in new ways?
  • Design
    Is it easy to setup and use? Is it aesthetically pleasing?